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  • Operating 4 commercial factories and growing, we aim to be available for our customers wherever they find business, or business finds them!
  • Our long term plan is to cover all Egypt with commercial operations in all their major cities.

Our Factories


  • Tagmmoa industry area: a monthly production capacity 120 m3/h masonry concrete blocks.
  • New Capital R7 : a monthly production capacity 120 m3/h masonry concrete blocks. 
  • New Capital Sky :a monthly production capacity 120 m3/h masonry concrete blocks. 

  • New Capital ministries district : a monthly production capacity 120 m3/h masonry concrete blocks. 




  • Cement:

    We deal with biggest quarries in Egypt:
    Bni swif factory with aliffemnt gretes
    Lafarge Factory SRC and Cem III/A
    Wadi El Nile Factory
    Sinia Factory

  • Sand:

    We deal with granites quarries from mega project and commercial projects with high quality.

  • Additional:

    We are in partnership with NCC for additional material.
    Concert additional Type G/F/D/A
    PPF Fiber
    Silica Fume



& on-site factories:

  • We operate 4 commercial and on-site batch plant with nearly 4 computerized stationary with manufacturing capacities ranging between 90 m³/h and 120 m³/h.


& Equipment:

Better Mix, in line with its policy of ensuring and going beyond customer satisfaction, spares no effort in providing the most advanced equipment that is run by highly skilled and able manpower resources using the most advanced technology and modern techniques at all its factories. Better Mix’s impressive fleet is comprised of 40 types of equipment from to mobile placing booms, and everything in between.


51 mercies truck mixers with drum capacities between1 m³ to 10 m³

12 mobile concrete pumps with boom sizes 42 – 56 m

10 pick-up trucks

4 Ice Plants

5 Louder.

2 water truck 50 m³.

4 chiller plants with a total capacity in excess of 9,000 tons & a production rate ranging from 110 to 200 tons.

Each vehicle in Better Mix fleet is maintained according to a meticulous schedule set by maintenance engineers’ team in accordance with the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) recommendations.

The schedule is based on numerous factors such as number of working hours, distance traveled and, site conditions.




  • Better Mix was founded in 2009 with 1 batching plant, Today we have 4 batching plants all over the Egypt. With a total concrete production capacity close to 1200 m3 per hour.


Cairo Coverage

  • With more than 51 truck mixers, 12 mobile pumps, and 10 batch plants, Better Mix is able to serve its customers in greater Cairo on a 24/7 basis. We are usually upgrading our facility and our fleet be continuously able to fill any order across the clock. Better Mix technicians and competent drivers provide the courteous, expert service, speed and dependability had to get any required job performed right.


Wide Coverage

  • By installing onsite batch plants, Better Mix expanded nationally serving large projects and surrounding community by tailor-made solutions of concrete supply.



  • Commitment to safety requirements is one among Better Mix core business values, and that’s reflected in our daily operations. At Better Mix, we apply health and safety management system throughout our production and delivery processes. This consists of 7 main elements:
    1. Leadership and accountability.
    2. Risk Management.
    3. Regulations and Policies.
    4. Driving Safety.
    5. People, Training, and Behavior.
    6. Communication and consultation.
    7. Standards Operating Practice (SOP).



  • Ensuring the health, safety and security of all those are involved in our operations is of the most importance. Our environment, health, and safety policy describe how we guard our employees, contractors, local communities, and the environment. Each business unit has a health and safety coordinator who implements the coverage of the policy with the support of our sustainability team. Our comprehensive Health and Safety Management System contains the elements and tools had to put in force the policy, including leadership and management participation; mandatory safety procedures, audits and inspections; health and safety training; risk assessment and accident investigation; emergency preparedness; and contractor safety.
  • All of our sites should follow the safe operating procedures in region for all high-risk tasks. Further safety guidelines are available for different areas, including industrial hygiene, risk assessment, and fire prevention. To ensure that our employees have the knowledge and tools to assure their safety and of their coworkers, we provide them with protective equipment and rigorous instruction, using the most advanced training technology. Our ultimate safety goal is to provide a workplace completely free of accidents. We aim to ensure the well-being of our employees and to comply with international health guidelines. We have evolved health-awareness and preventive-care programs that help our people deal with physical, environmental, and behavioral factors that might result in sickness or injury. We provide on-site seminars to our employees on such topics as nutrition, ergonomics, and stress management.
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